Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

First Post

It is all set in motion. The resignment is confirmed. All contracts have been cancelled. All things are being sold off. A date for the goodbye party has been set.

While I write on the first installment of my travelogue, I thought I might introduce you to the overalls of my prospective journeys, and hope it might entertain.

My itinary will cover 2600 air miles, many more land and sea miles, and as of now eight countries.

My basic idea was not to do too much sightseeing. It was my main mistake in my travels in China, and so I have resolved to limit myself this time. Instead, I've decided to "theme" each country.

This will be all about people. Being in a middle eastern country, enjoying the unique culture and mindset of Persia. As 70% of the population are below thirty, and Iranians are said to be legendarily hospitable, I am looking forward to making plenty of new acquaintances and insights into Iranian life.
My Journey will commence in Teheran, from where I will make my way south through Esfahan and Shiraz.

I'm mainly coming here because I could not fly from Teheran further east. But while I'm here I might as well spend a day to marvel at what happens when people have too much money.
For once, I'll be doing what the majority of people will do: slack off and chill out. It will be all about food (including learning how to make it), massages (not the dodgy kind) and beach bumming.
If I find a nice spot, maybe do some Thai Boxing as well.
I will then make my way south, along the coast, towards Indonesia.

Located in between my stations Thailand and Indonesia, it will be a transit country for a couple of days. I'm not entirely sure what to experience here yet, but recommendations are welcome.

With it's amazing biodiversity, Indonesia is the perfect country to experience nature and wildlife. I want to see Orang-Utans, hike up volcanoes and swim with Whale Sharks. This includes me learning how to dive, which is something I wanted to do all my life.
If I can, I might want to pick up some Pencak Silat on the way, too.

After roughly two months of Asia, I will be craving the benefits of western civilization, and what better place to sate that desire than the city of San Franscisco, which will be first stop. After that, I shall see, but I think I'll be spending most of time meeting with friends and breathing some libertarian air.

Originally I wanted to include South America in my travels, but the ticket did not allow that from East Asia, so Mexico was the next closest thing. Aztec temples and learning Spanish is on the list here. Also brushing up my CV and looking for Jobage in North America. 

Many interesting opportunities jobwise, so I thought I'd check it out to see if I would like to live there. Hopefully by then I am already jobsorted anyway.